How We Started

FLEX was established in 2003, we are an Interior Designing & Construction firm offering expert services for Interior Designing, Architecture, Construction, Furniture Design and Project Management.

We are backed by a team of highly qualified professionals and has been efficiently creating beautiful interiors for over 10 years. We do commercial, residential and industrial projects and  had develop lively & pleasant work place and accommodations.

We aim to create young, vibrant, versatile styles without compromising quality. We understand that client’s requirements differ, and proceed accordingly. Each furbishing job undertaken is done professionally, with latest technological equipments and qualified personnel.

Our Design experts had so far provide such consultancy which brings positivity and prosperity and having a large number of satisfied clients.

We are also registered under the following categories :-

  BCA CR06 Interior Decoration & Finishing Works – L1

  EPPU  Supplier Registration ( EPU/FUR/10 ) – S5

  BCA General Builder Licence – Class 2

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Our Aim

FLEX takes a collaborative and flexible approach to each project, tailoring our architectural and interior design services to meet our client’s unique business, firm image or real estate development goals while cultivating successful and productive long term relationships.

. We approach every project with respect for its uniqueness both in term of the brief and its relevant consumer target audience. We carefully select the team on the basis of each individual’s sector specific experience. . Our resources bring a wealth of experiences that allow us to be creative in planning, architecture and design, unique in concept development, professional in execution and in touch with global best in class concept. .

We move ideas to reality. We dovetail specialist knowledge and expertise in these sectors with master, spatial, interior and environment planning and we re-define consumer experiences globally in standalone and mixed developments demanding new build and renovations. .

Our architectural interior design and consultancy services, include planning, fire, statutory bodies requirements, construction drawings, specifications, health and safety, details of infrastructure services, consultant and client liaison, contractual management, supervision, accounts and handover. .

Our services


Interior Design & Space Planning


Project Management & Co-ordination


Budget Development & Competitive Pricing


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